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  • Dec, 18 2014: Version 1.7 of iQuickDial fixed bug when calling did not work.
  • Nov, 24 2014: Version 1.6 of iQuickDial updated for iOS 8.x.
  • Mar, 24 2014: Version 1.5 of iQuickDial optimized to work with iOS 7.x.
  • Oct, 30 2013: Version 1.4 of iQuickDial is out, enjoy the new feature to hide names.
  • Oct, 23 2013: Version 1.3 published with some nice enhancements and new layouts.
  • Oct, 14 2012: Version 1.2 of iQuickDial released. This version benefits from improvements coming with iOS 6 and does support iPhone 5 devices.
  • July, 11 2012: iQuickDial version 1.1 is available now. It comes with some great improvements. The new version will allow you to select between 10 different fabulous designs. Look at the screenshots on this site to catch a little preview. We are sure you will like it.
  • June, 29 2012: iQuickDial is now available on the AppStore. Click here to see iQuickDial in the AppStore
  • June, 3 2012: BigDialer has been updated to version 2.4. The app supports now Android’s accessibility features and is full compatible to Talkback.
  • May, 25 2012: New version of PowerWidget lite published at Google Play. A 1×1 widget has been added and the color picker has been improved. The new version of the color picker shows the color value also as numbers, so that you can easier match the color of Power Widget’s indicator with your other themes.

Version 1.0 (this video shows the iOS version of QuickDial)

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